The youngest of all SANDDORN BALANCE interpreters is Marula Rigolo. When the SANDDORN BALANCE was created in 1996, she was just 5 years old. As the youngest daughter of Mädir Eugster, she grew up with the act, so to speak. Marula is a trained dancer and was accepted directly into the Rigolo company after her final exams. In Wings In My Heart, she got the role of the protagonist leading through the piece, which leads into the SANDDORN BALANCE. So Marula had to learn the BALANCE, which she did with joy paralell to the dance training. She is the only one to place her sticks distributed - and not stacked in a heap - on the stage, and in her interpretation she describes the path to balance in a special way.

From 2020 - 2022 she performed the SANDDORN BALANCE in her own dance theater piece SOSPIRI. Since 2022 Marula is on tour with her current dance and puppet theater production ITHIR and she can be seen with the SANDDONR BALANCE at various galas, corporate and private events as well as in varietés and shows.

Mädir Eugster: "Marula wanted to do it differently than her father and her big sister and put the sticks distributed on the stage. This made it considerably more difficult to set up the mobile, but it brought a special touch to her interpretation. I was grateful for her own initiative and let it flow in like with the other artists. Each interpretation thus has its own flair. The great uniqueness of Marula's interpretation, however, is more her character. Despite her young age, she is already a shaman - perhaps without being aware of it herself - and in this person she connects in a touching way in the act above and below, beyond and this world, universal with earthly."

Marula's performances in the circus (Roncalli), in TV shows and as an artistic act at various events show that Marula's SANDDORN BALANCE touches the audience everywhere.

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