the VAULT magazine: Lara Jacobs – Balance Goddess

In the world of myths and legends a goddess inspires awe and leaves one breathless. That’s why Lara Jacobs’ title of Balance Goddess is so appropriate.

As she performs, a hush falls over the audience; their breaths held for the entirety of the act, for fear of toppling the incredible structure of balanced ribs made from palm trees she holds above her head. Piece by piece, Jacobs builds a giant sculpture, defying preconceived notions of balance and gravity.

Jacobs was in Edmonton in June, performing with Cirque du Soleil’s Amaluna show, where she received rave reviews, but she was also invited to participate in a TEDx performance where the crowd responded with a standing ovation.

TEDx is series of independent community-organized conferences held in hundreds of locations around the world every year, whose purpose is to introduce audiences to new ideas through lectures and performance.

Since first learning the original balancing act from her father three years ago, her performance has expanded. theVAULTmagazine was able to speak to Jacobs last week about her act and her roots to better understand what it takes to be a balance goddess.

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